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          Ethos and Values

          The Aims of Calthorpe Park School:

        • To care for all young people unconditionally and to value them equally

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        • To provide purposeful learning opportunities and experiences that:
          1. Enable students to achieve their highest academic standards
          2. Stimulate engagement and integrity in personal and intellectual challenge
          3. Develop a love of learning and an insatiable curiosity
          4. Promote a sense of confidence, happiness and wellbeing
          5. Engender generosity of spirit, mutual respect and kindness
          6. Build capacity for independence of thought, resilience and sustained hard work
          7. Nurture an understanding of wisdom and patience
          8. Recognise the power and joy of commitment, collaboration and mutual achievement
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        • The Calthorpe Way

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          Melanie Hooper and Martin Amos

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